Interactive Baby Phone and Baby Camera App for our treasured Babies!

What makes Cam2Baby one of the best baby monitor apps out there?
The features like Live Video and Talk to Baby (min. 3G Connection needed) and the fact that it works cross-platform (desktop, smartphone and tablet) certainly are one of the main reasons.
With Live Baby Cam Features like “Record BabyVideo” and “Take Baby Photo” you may hold on unique moments and share with your friends.

“Your baby also need safty while it is sleeping! At home, on a trip or with friends – our Cam2Baby offers you all that”

You need to install the application on 2 (two) devices!
The quality of your Internet connection is important for the functionality of the application.

Where to Download

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Cam2baby iOS AppStore

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iPhone & iPad

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Cam2Baby Google Play

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How it Works

Funktionsweise Cam2Baby
Multi Platform Cam2Baby

PC, Apple, Android

Download the Cam2Baby App to your devices: DESKTOP, SMARTPHONE or TABLET

Cam2Baby BabyStation

Choose the BABY STATION and activate it.

Cam2Baby Parents Station

Activate thePARENTS STATION on your mobile device (iOS or Android)

Enjoy Cam2Baby

Enjoy the App: talk, hear, see and feel!


Recursos Cam2Baby
Video ao vivo
Live Video:
Be always in touch with your Baby with the Cam2Baby Live Video.
Also in the 3G Network!
protetor de tela

From now on you may switch off the screen of the BABY STATION.
Your child will not be disturbed by the light of the device.
But you may see and hear everything on your PARENTS STATION.
Fala com Bebe
Talk to Baby:
Where ever you are, what ever you are doing,
you may always talk to your child.
digital video zoom

8x Digital Video Zoom:
We added as new feature – 8x DIGITAL VIDEO ZOOM
for the “Live Video” and “Take Photo” functions.
Tirar Foto
Take Photo:
Create snapshots to capture unique moments – any time, anywhere.
Minimum requirement 3G-Network.
baixa imagem

Picture Download:
Download your Pictures to your device, send them by email, by WhatsApp,…
or share them on all your Social Media Platforms.
Grave Baby Video
Record Baby´s Video:
Create a video of your Baby, save it and enjoy it with your friends!
Works also in the 3G Network!
grave melodia propria

Record own Melody:
Registre a melodia familiares para interagir com o bebê.
baby melodia
Baby Melody On/Off:
The Cam2Baby App may play automatically calming melodies for your Baby.
roda video
Rotate Video:
Rotate your Live Video Screen, if it is, because of any reason, not in the correct position.
Activity Report:
See all Activities of you and your Baby at the integrated timeline
such as your Photos and Videos
escolha melodia
Choose Melody:
3 predefined calming melodies are integrated to be played for your child,
as well as your own individual melody.
velocidade internet
Web Speed:
Slow webaccess? No problem.
Reduce the quality for your needs to get the maximum out of your connection.
configuracao microfone
Micro Setup:
Calibrate the microphonesensitivity, the time to react
and the noiselevel to your needs
to trigger automatic response.
muda camera
Camera Switch:
Use the camera switch on the PARENTS STATION to switch between front and back camera of your BABY STATION.
push notificacoes
Push Notifications:
Receive Push Notifications even your PARENTS STATION is offline.

new feature

New Feature

Gold Feature

Available at the GOLD License


Screenshots Cam2Baby

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